Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Modern Creatures lyrics

becoming a lizard

you're bad for me/ i like it that way/ it's a regular/ heart pulsating
is that really what you want?/and what do you think?
sex etiquette/model makeover/ i restrict your freedom/i'm becoming a lizard

splitting open/ can't contain my trash/ cups piling up/ i wanna hear you laugh
i want to see you smile/ sometimes it's so easy/ but sometimes i shed lights/ on your bare pupils


the converts, they want a/ virgin unreal to lose/ they don't show love/ their insides are neutral and level/ plain like a grayout/ weak girls strive

their public auras are model membranes/ for us to worship but we cannot understand
can't understand their insides/ our tones fall out in different keys/ in different lights we see everything

they have no status outside of our minds/ they have some power, they'll sit right on us/ and they'll fall right into our worlds/ they will fall into our worlds

dead spheres

sometimes i don't know why i don't go outside/ sometimes i don't know why i don't go outside
oh it's not that bad/ oh it's not that hard

wait. wait for me/ wait. wait for me.

talk and remember/ sometimes i just want to stay away from dead spheres and be with you
our words fall out in different tones/ in dry lights, the shades they seem frightful
thoughts they fall in fall out/ thoughts they fall in fall out/ open spaces still there/
i can feel them/ walk away and leave me starving.

wait. wait for me/ wait. wait for me.

deconstruction/the curse

deconstruction/ falling for it falling down/ mass seduction/ only when you think aloud
chance reduction/ chance of praying to the clouds/ my conclusion/ no-one's ever safe and sound

divorce yrself

split into double/ divorce your self/ don't trust anybody/ develop a distasteful/ thirst for delusion

i eat pills for all my meals/ heavenly smoke pours from tubes in the distance
your blind spot reveals/ a similar shade of colours/ between the legs of so many lovers

the movement

it's all in the movement/ it's all in the radio/ it's all the walls/ it's all in your head
it's all in the movement/ it's all in the way you go/ it's in all your dances/ it's in every scream
it's all in the movement/ it's all in the tv screen/ it's in every bedroom/ it's in every scream

telegram eyes

crafting a new vision i've got telegram eyes/ you can hold it in your palm but you can't let it go
when you touched me for the first time i knew i'd never die/ knew i'd live forever. in that moment lies my rebirth/don't ask me why it's you i'm drifting off to bed/ got a funny feeling that i'm doing something bad

the inside

they say it in stereo: so make her so make her/ it's faster the inside/it's faster not to try/it's social. it's nothing/it's social./ it's for sure/ they say it in stereo/ so make her turn left and right

watch them wait for years/ can you feel your fears?

the world's so nice when i look in your eyes i feel allright/ the world's so nice when i look in your eyes it's deliverance/oh my legs jumping oh my legs jumping in my bed/it's something real.

thick thick black

i want the white of the sky to burn up into blue/ and the blue to fizzle into the black and the stars
let's go under/ we don't need the light/ let's go under/ abandon the white/ it feels fine/ sound travels through muffled spaces/ and i dream through it all

thick thick black/ it falls down smack/ it's laughing hard/ it's giving meaning
you're smiling far away/ i see community/ it quiets down/ we sit here now

in broken glass/we shred our minds/ tatter images/ we tarnish brands/ we save our own
we fit our place/ we fit our mold/ we're standing here/ we're not alone/ we're so young
but we're getting older

it's hard to see/ it's hard to breathe/ it's hard to hear/ it's hard to be

time to go

a flash of forced light enters room/fade to white and cut to a smile/a flicker of an empty church/all the cults praying to silence/all the young things turn to violence

so we turn around to shudder/ we become the ancient vultures/ crawling on the walls/ crawling in our eyes

if you tell me it's time to go/i will leave you with your mind/ paralyzing your eight legs/ legs you're kicking up so high

to a crowd

to all you sprawlers, all you rotters, all you stuck up on the wall/ you are everything we wanted. you are everything we searched for

can we recruit you for our mockery of every public system/ with systematic alienation decided upon with utmost wisdom?

now chant. we have forgiven you for your seriousness/ we're about to turn and sigh. raise our eyes up to the sky/

and paint disdained looks upon our faces./we'll paint disdained looks. we'll leave no traces/
i am smiling, i am laughing, i am rolling on the ground/ hysterical ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha look now.

took your girl

yeah yeah/ i took your girl/ we're number one now/ she said so
it didn't take that much/ it didn't take much

we live in the 70's/ we live in another time/ we live in another world/ you're stuck in the present now
we're number one/ i took your girl/ i took your sweetheart/ i took your love

updated moderns

once i noticed they had left/ i closed my eyes to retain light/ visions of crosses, flashing marys/ pools of water oh relax/ this isn't a test or rocket science/ close your eyes and it's gone/ reproduce an empty ceiling/ dreamers dream but i just sleep/ oh relax, this isn't mourning/ it's just a feeling that i get...

these updated moderns will take you out on the town/ their bad dreams are better than your good ones/ they'll lure you out/ to symptoms too sick to/ too slight to readjust to/ they can't move, you can't move/ they shuffle 'round like children

and if the night falls on your shoulders pat it down/ and if you start to feel much older, shut your mouth/ any person like me'd like to meet someone like you/ and if the night falls on me, i will share the moon with you

waiting room

I am sitting/people are passing by/nobody looks/nobody stops/i am bleeding/ but they cannot/ i am bleeding/ they pick me up
you are terrified of yourself/i am terrified of my greed
wanna wanna wanna wanna go?/wanna take a random telephone call?
in the sidewalks, i grow shorter/on the sidewalks, i shrink always/ in the hospital i get smarter/ in the hospital i get taller

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