Thursday, March 13, 2008

when he's at sxsw and you're definitely not

All name dropping will be in blue!

tell you what to love

I am obsessed with this new version of Moonage Daydream. Jeremiah bought me The Man Who Sold The World on one of his Twin Crystals tours, and for some ridiculous reason, I didn't listen to the bonus tracks record until today. They are the most amazing songs I have ever heard. The spacier versions (with different lyrics!) of Hang On To Yourself and Moonage Daydream alone are worth living for. That record has been on repeat literally all day. I keep waiting for my neighbors to murder me, but they still haven't come! Also, Beach House is my new favorite band. They sound kind of like the 1960s if the '60s were during the Depression in eastern Europe.

I wish I could be more excited about the music scene in Vancouver. I probably would be if I hadn't seen every band I liked 10 bajillion times. Bands I haven't seen that often (and therefore am still pretty excited about) are Ice Cream, White Owl, and Basketball. I still love the other bands, but it's kind of like we've been together for 20 years and we're more like brother and sister now than a hot, 40 something couple. I forgot to mention that last night, I hopped into the Fake Jazz warp for about half an hour. After listening to my friend, Eartha complain for the past hour about how she didn't want to go out, Ian Wyatt's solo guitar act was like heaven in my ears. Reminiscent of T-Rex when he had the longer name. I also really liked Certain Breeds when I played with them at Honey the other night, and Ice Cream when I saw them many moons ago. They are a very (good) akward, very exciting band! Like watching your 10 year old son dance with a girl for the first time. They are both wearing their best shoes. The band, and the happy couple.

Despite what everyone may think, Honey is a pretty good venue, the the drinks are not that expensive there (around $4), and Dance or Die is fun! I'm not just saying the thing about D or D because I host the night, I'm also saying it because I need money.

this is how immature people really feel

Today was my first day alone in a very long time. I craved solitude after spending an entire week being a social (and slightly drunk) creature. Drinking, dancing, and gorging yourself on conversation feels good while you are doing it, but once you measure it all up in the entire spectrum of your life, you are in trouble (and an alcoholic.) I will be forced to be a good girl all weekend while I am working. Well, except for that show I'm going to attend at The Emergency Room.

I feel uneasy all the time. Kinds of an angry, energetic, restless feeling inside, while physically, I feel weak. This restless part of me urges me to break out of my skin. It makes me want to do something obscene, something different from my usual routine. As in, go to a new age church, take as many drugs as possible before I turn 25*, and kiss almost every girl I see.

(*Twenty-five is the age I aim to have my "shit together" by. I realize that because I have chosen to work in a bar and play in bands, this probably won't happen until I'm 35, but I think it's nice to have goals.

I know it's not wise to be impulsive. I wish I could just sit down and read a big feminist textbook without feeling like I have to get up and do something else because I can't concentrate. Has my brain finally become lazy like my father said it would if I didn't use it? Maybe I should use that thing for something more complicated than adding, subtracting, and gossiping.

this is the truth

Jeremiah has been gone for over a week.

I seem to get just as little done when he is not around! I miss him a lot, but I am not as sad or as worried as I was during his last tour. I would like us to talk more while he is gone, but maybe it's better that we don't. We will appreciate each other more when he comes back. Not that I didn't appreciate him before, but well, you know what I mean. Today, I smelled one of his shirts with gusto. Yes, I did feel like a major creep. But I've already got him!

very important highlights of the past week

-lava lamp + nag champa = delicious hippy gumbo for non-hippies like me
-the Best Burrito Of My Entire! Life! from
Budgies burritos
-Eartha came for a visit, and we smiled
Eartha went back home, and I smiled
sister and I drank cheap pints together at the Ivanhoe. Some guy told me he was Iman's brother and asked if I wanted to meet David Bowie so that I would talk to him more
-My mom invited me to Mexico but I didn't have enough money to go
-relocated g-spot and didn't wash blankets. didn't care.
Carly's 23rd Birthday party. Carly smearing cupcakes on Opal's breasts.
Ian Wyatt playing guitar
-my one phone conversation with
-Moonage Daydream
Flight of the Concords first season
-Slipping in beer while trying to bring
Justin a beer at Dance or Die
-making my apartment the messiest it's ever been
-dream about
Pub 340 being quarantined
-dream about sex with a bald, asshole, one eyed cartoon character
-writing new songs with
Mike, running into Mish after
-Sweatshop events up until break down the door time
Anais Nin in the bathroom
-Lavender and Patchouli
-Basically being disgusting without anyone getting to see it.
Bachelorette life. Still wear too much makeup though.

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