Wednesday, July 23, 2008


While life may not be going so swimmingly all the time (I literally haven't been in a pool in weeks. The curse of being a few shades away from platinum blonde), music has been going well.

I recieved my Terror Bird 7inches in the mail after waiting for two years (no joke) and am ecstaticly proud. Anyhow, to follow are some fun memories from the release party I had at the ER last Friday. Liane Morrisette snapped the shots. My sister came to the show and I had so much fun drinking fake champagne with her.

Jer Bear writing our set list. I like him to choose. He knows moods!

Handsome men in an emergency cave.

Singing, but not playing keyboards. My synth has power probs.

Christian contemplated buying a 7 inch while shot by the paparazzi. This one was actually taken by my sis, Ashley.

Prom city.

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