Sunday, November 23, 2008


My band, Modern Creatures has a full-length record coming out on Grotesque Modern (very modern) in early 2009. Above is a beautiful, sad picture of my grandmother that we are going to use for the album cover.

The tracks on the the album are going to be (although, not in this particular order):

1-The Inside
2-The Converts
3-Divorce Yourself
4-Becoming A Lizard
5-Telegram Eyes
6-Updated Moderns
7-Waiting Room
8-Took Your Girl
9-Thick, Thick Black (new version)
10-Time To Go (new version)

It was recorded by Jordan Koop and mastered by Josh Stevenson. Two of the songs, "The Inside" and "Time to Go" are going to be in a film directed by Sook-Yin Lee called "Year of The Carnivore". Jeremiah (bass) and Mike (drummer) are going to be in the movie as the fictional band members of "No Fun", who is going to be "playing" Modern Creatures songs.


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Aaron said...

I want to buy one, autographed. Will you save it for me?