Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Making the personal for everyone

I know that I haven't been so great at doing any interviews in the past month or so. I swear that all my writing time (as well as time in general) is taken up by the four courses I am taking. Working, band practices and occasionally going out to keep my sanity takes up the rest. But, because I am going on tour this Spring with Modern Creatures, I have decided to take the summer off of school. Yup, two semesters was absolutely exhausting! Not really, but the tour along and needing to save up money to live off in Septemeber will make it kind of hard to...attend classes. This should mean more interviews.

But, after doing an interview with my mom for my women's studies-esque political science course, I realized that I don't JUST want to do interviews with bands. Bands are really interesting to talk to, but so are people that do things other than play music. So, get yourself ready for tales from old women, bank tellers, circus freaks, etc. Also, like most people, I may feel like publicly broadcasting my personal thoughts. Luckily for you right now, I am too tired to do so because I ate dinner and being full makes me sleepy. Expect many more entries in May '09.

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