Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hard Feelings & Vapid at The Railway


The Railway Club has the ability to make someone in their mid to late twenties feel young again. It's not just as if they weren't the oldest person at the bar- they really aren't! At the Railway Club, you are surrounded by people in their fourties who still really like to get drunk. Not only is there a place for you to go if you carry your love of booze onto your next decade, but you are looking good! Men will tell you they like your style! Wow-a breath of expensive beer laden air!

But the Railway is not all fun and games. Despite their reputation for paying the bands well, they do not offer any free drinks for bands. If you want to buy your own drink, you get $1 off. I can't figure out if that is the reason The Railway is not fun for me. Hardly anyone ever stands up to watch bands there. Hard Feelings and Vapid especially saved the night that I played at the Railway. Vapid can turn hard boiled eggs into a feta cheese omelette.

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