Saturday, March 22, 2008


This is a photographic journal of my adventures in girltime land, while Jeremiah was gone. Fortunately, he is coming home tomorrow. This will not put an end to my drunken stupidity, but will give me someone to go home (earlier) to. Let's face it, I had a lot of fun while he was gone, but I will continue to have just as much if not more fun when he gets back. I really, really did miss him.

Carly's Birthday Party

Tequila Sunrise; Hairdresser Behind

Moi, Carly, and Opal Act Respectable

AT HOME with Morrissey

Yeah, We Hung Out A Bit

Red Room/Leather

The Alley of The Red Room is Full of Rainbows

My Good Friend, Steph Must Think I'm on Ecstasy

Porn Star/Spock Eyeshadow. Why?

Uhhh. Too Much Teeth and I Don't Remember This Moment

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