Friday, March 21, 2008

miss nylon

I think that it is now my duty in life to idealize (and idolize, but not like David Bowie!) intelligent, beautiful women who are now dead, but who I can still read about and look at. I can do the same to women that are in my presence, but can't read rumours and lies about them, which is a bummer.

Anais Nin

I am in love. I must read House of Incest and rent the movie Henry and June. First learned about Anais from her erotica, but find her diaries a much better, more insightful read.

Jayne Mansfield

I don't really think I need to explain. A dream.

Dancing with Lezzies (that's what my grandma calls lesbians)

Today, I basically got what I deserved, which was feeling shitty and tired all day due to a night out at the Red Room. After working at Pub 340 yesterday, I got seriously trashed with my friend, Siouxie in about 10 minutes. (She is a really fun, really great person.) Shots will do that if you haven't eaten lunch or dinner.

This was all in preparation for the severely overpriced ($15! WHAT!?) lesbian dance night at the Red Room. This night had music so bad that I couldn't dance to it despite having downed about 9 shots. The only song I can remember being half decent was that terrible Eurythmics song, Sweet Dreams that every DJ with half a turntable plays at every club night. So, you can imagine why I wanted to make out all night in/near the bathroom rather than dance. That, and attempt to apply red lipstick.

didn't even spend time with the person I came out to see, Steph. I was too busy fulfilling my selfish lusty desires in front of dozens of people. Luckily, I didn't make it to the stripper pole. That would have been seriously bad news. I did learn something last night though; it seriously pays to put on a monthly gay night. $15 for that shit? I'd rather take it than pay it.

Though I think I'd get a better DJ. Do gay girls really like top 40 and techno so much that they have to play it every night at every gay bar?

Slept over at Siouxies. Drunken secret telling and eating sushi with our hands on the way back to her place. Her bed is connected to a huge, beautiful wooden bookshelf. Amazing! It would make me feel so scholarly. Her place had a very nice Montreal feel.

This morning, drank 3 huge glasses of water and took a cab to work because I was lazy and wearing high heels. Luckily, had a pair of flats at work.
Kept looking at the clock alllllll day today. I couldn't wait to come home, see my animal friend, and take a nap. The coffee I had at 8am barely made a dent.

Sunday, Jer gets back. I am ecstatic. I would like to read, practice Modern Creatures songs, try to get my cell back from the guy who found it, clean my apartment, and make dinner before I fall asleep tonight.

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