Friday, May 16, 2008

Super 888

I am sitting in a Super 8 Motel in Oklahoma City. Justin, Jeremiah, and Mike are all sleeping in here with me...but, not yet. I am nerding it up on my computer, Mike is eating chips, and double J is just hovering around Leif's laptop. We are all listening to the Petroleum By-Products and the ER comp songs and just loving it. Question: how the fuck can they kick out the bass player when he has the coolest voice I have ever heard. Cheap beer and dirty hotel rooms = a great time even if only 5 people witnessed the best performance of a band's lifetime. This is soooo fun just lazing about at 3am with my friends in a strange convenience store laden part of the city.


Holly said...

I am compelled to comment on this entry because #1 anything vaguely morrissey related draws me in like a magnet, #2 you seem much happier at this point in the tour, #3 I am that much closer to coming to see you play in portland version 2.0. i love you nikki.

Aaron said...

Aw, shucks