Friday, May 9, 2008

Goin' back to Cali

All is well in Bakersfield, California (the hometown of Korn). Last night, played in an empty pool. Amazing acoustics! At 5am, fell asleep beside Jeremiah on the couch of two guys nice enough to let 15 people have a sleepover party at their place. (Woke up sweaty and thankful.) Drank tequila out of a freshly picked, giant lemon. It's not as good as it sounds, but it was worth it. Fell asleep to the sound of stoned girls giggling. Want to go swimming really bad. We all listened to Kate Bush. Everyone loved it because Wuthering Heights reminds us all of how much we love Daniel. Free huge slices of pizza for breakfast.

Today we will be traveling to L.A., the city of celebrity culture, heat, and traffic. Above are some photos from our Portland show. I found them on the internet.

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