Thursday, August 14, 2008

The worst part is, I can't even make him jealous!

I just woke up from a dream, or a nightmare rather, that I walked in on Jeremiah getting oral sex from a close male friend, and slowly discovered (on Christmas, no less!) that he was completely gay! This is opposed to partially gay, which, in my dream wouldn't have been as big of as an issue. It all made perfect sense...anything I had ever been unsure about, this gayness was the answer to. We had a whole life together and now, the home, the security, and the love of my life was gone.

"The worst part is, I can't even make him jealous."

So, I spent Christmas sobbing to Jess and thinking about all the signs I shouldn't have ignored.
But how did he fake the love in his eyes? The cover up lesbian porn I could figure out, but not that one.

This dream also guest starred some stray bed bugs in my mom's car! One was in my hair. As if!

Crying in your dream makes you wake up just as tired as if you had actually cried. You look almost as bad too, if you combine the eyes with the hair and feeling.

The night before, I dreamed that bums were trying to evacuate my sister and I out of our home by trying to kills us. We escaped but in the dream, I had bed bug bites all over my body.

I really need a coffee. Oh, and I cut my hair yesterday.

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