Friday, September 12, 2008

Going to the Chapel

For anyone that doesn't know already: I GOT MARRIED!!! It was at Chapel of the Bells in downtown Reno, Nevada. We got married on tour, so only our tour mates, Brody, Andrea, and Daniel witnessed it. If any of my friends/family are offended that they were not invited, please keep in mind that although the wedding was real and meaningful to us, it was also a shotgun wedding. So, we will be having another wedding full of all y'all. Also, we had our honeymoon in a cheap motel close by to the chapel the night before the wedding. It was crimson and clover.


liane said...

the perfect couple!

Holly said...

you are the best! I always thought a shotgun wedding was like.. .the girl is pregnant and so the dad chases the guy into the chapel with a shotgun to marry her!??!

Mish said...

you should get daniel to do the ceremony