Saturday, November 15, 2008


Last night I got to the Peanut Gallery late, expecting it to be filled to the brim with young adults. It wasn't, and didn't get much busier as the night went on. Perhaps Vapid over at Pub 340 stole the Friday night crowd? I'll rip their fucking eyes out. Actually, I would have liked to see them, but Pub 340 can just burn down, thanks.

Daniel of Nu Sensae was DJ-ing when I walked in. It was just like being on tour with him again. Especially because he wouldn't play Human League for me. However, he did put my broke ass on his guest list as well as engaged in a Kate Bush "Wuthering Heights" dance with me.

The two-piece, Stamina Mantis played first, but without their praying mantis costumes! How long has this been going on? Anyway, it gave me the opportunity to notice that Bill of Stamina Mantis has short hair now. One of their songs vaguely brought The Velvet Underground to mind.

My drum and bass faves, Nu Sensae played next. I think they had those rockers had a new song. I discovered that I've seen them so many times that I actually know what they're doing all the time without watching them play. Really, I can be sitting on a couch, and conveniently in my mind, Daniel's arms will flail stylishly while Andrea rocks back and forth with her hair in her face. It weird how the "stop the car I wanna get out- what are you doing to me," line that Andrea sings just gets shorter every time.

Syrup played next. They are a four piece all-male, all-Portland band comprised of sax, guitar, bass, and drums. Their set was chaotic and spastic. Drummer/singer Philip might aim to irritate, but he was better at riling people up when I saw Syrup play in Portland. Plus, their music is ACTUALLY really good. They made everyone look stupid for just standing there by moving around more in 15 minutes then anyone else moves in an entire day. But I miss the days when Philip would try to hit people with mic stands.

Last was N.213, or Nic Hughes of Shearing Pinx, who danced and sang distorted, kareoke-style lyrics solo over pre-composed beats. His samples from the movie "Female Troubles" made those who recognized them giggle. His dance moves were damn sexy but he's dropped my favorite song from the roster! A cop outfit with short shorts might suit audience members of N.213. Honestly, I was distracted from this performance by a girl doing this really good "mom dance". She was not wearing a cop outfit, but she seemed to be enjoying herself.

Sadly, even though DJ Justin and (DJ?) Daniel played their best songs at the end of the night, the room was empty. People went home instead of dancing. It was not wild. It was a three beer night for me. I was saving my body for Saturday night.

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