Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today, I realised that I am completely antisocial. Dodging telephone calls and getting into arguments with people seems to be my specialty these days. It's not easy being so good at these things! Sometimes it can get lonesome!

Thanks to the help of caffeine, I can do almost nothing and convince myself that life is pretty exciting. Take today for example. I slammed my cell phone alarm shut (the modern version of hitting snooze on your alarm clock) several times before waking up at 10. My cat really wanted to go outside by this time, so I made some coffee and let him out. Three times because he was afraid of the wind.

It reminded me of a particular episode of Sesame Street where they sing, "in and out, in and out- that's what a dog is all about". Obviously, you have to replace dog with cat to get a good idea of why I thought of that song.

The next few hours were spent cleaning my apartment, which had been ravaged by my transporting gifts from my grandma into my home. Dishes, making the bed, putting clothes away etc. I also emailed a bunch of people, called Sook-Yin's assistant to see what she wanted to ask me (Modern Creatures is going to be in Sook-Yin's movie, Year of The Carnivore), and studied- but not much.

By 3pm, I had eaten a chip and burrito lunch. I felt fairly normal and went to my psychology lecture class. My only friend in the class has a girlfriend now, so she doesn't care about college anymore. I am the lone A+ nerd. When I came home, Jeremiah and I had a much too long argument about label art for our record and I studied. It was sensational.

Plans for the weekend include: being less boring, all gal dinner party on Saturday, and going to the Peanut Gallery for the Nu Sensae, Syrup, N.213 show on Friday night.

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