Sunday, December 21, 2008

I hate hockey!

OK, OK...I know I'm really behind with putting interviews up. I meant to put up one a week, but you know Some People kind of say they're going to answer your questions and then never actually do it. No names shall be mentioned. Anyways, whoever it was put me on the guest-list for their show at The Railway Club not too long ago, so my wrath against them won't be too powerful.

However, there are going to be interviews with the following bands very soon: Daily Void from Chicago, The Sian Alice Group from London, and Nu Sensae from Vancouver. I wanted to do Beach House but they won't return my messages. I don't know why, because my messages are always really sexy.

I went to a swap meet at The Biltmore last Monday and the Pompoir/Role Mach show at Honey on Thursday night. Pompoir is one of Nic Hughes' (N.213 and Shearing Pinx) bands. He is becoming "one of those" people that thinks it's a good idea to be in 500 bands. Actually, pretty much everyone I know is becoming one of those people.

Anyway, he's in this band with his sassy sister and it was great. It was arty, and 90's with just the right amount of angst. So perfect. Apparently, this band started a few years ago, stopped playing shows, and have now just started again. Their band name means Pussy Flex. I left right after they played because...because. Plus, I didn't have money to drink, it was cold enough to freeze my feet in the bar, and the hubby had to work in the morning.

The Biltmore swap meet was mostly an over-priced craft sale with pretty, little things like bottle cap necklaces that were $20 or something. There were tiny pastries that were a dollar each, and local fashion that costed way too much too. Do I need a job or something? Yeah, I think I do. I drank Pabst during the day.

After I watched Zombie Pistolero from the side of the stage, I got some Japanese food. I tried to sell some Terror Bird records, but mostly ended up just giving them to my friends because I'm not a good sales person. I bought 12 CDs for the price of a drink. Most of them were from Liam of No Gold's collection, but I bought London Calling to bring back the teenage memories and was given a Mutators disc. There were a few other bands that played other than Zombie Pistolero. Since this is not an official review, I don't think I have to know their names. I do want to throw in that one of them was a two piece light disco sort of band whose entire set reminded me of Elton John's duet with Kiki Dee. I believe it was "Don't Go Breaking My Heart." Not quite as upbeat as that though.

Tonight, I went to the wrap party for "Year of The Carnivore". My band, Modern Creatures' music is being used in the film. I was merely an extra in the film, but got special privileges (such as going to the wrap party) since I think Sook-Yin, the director felt guilty about not using me as a band member in the movie (Jeremiah from Modern Creatures played my bass parts in the film. An actor played his parts on a guitar). They played our song, "The Inside" while the bloopers were playing which was slightly embarrassing, but I think the star of the movie was even more embarrassed because there were cut up clips of her sex scenes, which there were tons of. PS: I am drunk right now because my good friend, Dani kept buying me drinks after my drink tickets had run out.

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