Monday, December 29, 2008

Nu Sensae

So, Nu Sensae is made up of a couple of my best friends, Daniel and Andrea. They're a drum and bass duo from Vancouver, though not in a techno kind of way. More like in a 90's way, a punk way, or something like that. I didn't want to interview them when Daniel first asked me to, because I thought it would be too obvious. I mean, back in the day, I did try to join their band as a guitarist. Never try to join a two piece band. You'll just fuck it up. I mean it. I tried to join another one of my favorite Vancouver bands, Pink Noise and the singer/guitarist, Mel just said, " I don't think we need another member." She was probably right. Well, we'll see.

Anyway, how I met Daniel was at a Modern Creatures show at The Cobalt in Vancouver. He came up to me and told me how much he loved our band. I thought he was really sweet and about 12. Turns out he was actually my friend's new boyfriend and more like 18! I met Andrea when we were both trying out to sing for The Mutators. I developed an intense feeling of jealousy/hatred for her because I thought that she had been chosen as the new singer just because she was good-looking. I also was jealous that she looked like Stevie Nicks. It turned out that neither of us actually got to be in The Mutators. Andrea and I got to know each other better over time. I think she realized that I'm only a bitch when I feel like it...not all the time.

Who does this tastey twosome remind me of? Mainly Nirvana because they both wear plaid and scream alot. I love them. They have a record out. I would recommend buying it because Nu Sensae is amazing, loveable, and most of all, GOOD-LOOKING. Unfortunately, they don't have a sense of humour.

Nikki Never: What's your favorite color and why do you like it?

Daniel de Saldhana: When I asked my cousin that when I was young, and he said "various" and I thought that that was a colour.

Andrea Lukkik: It's black!...Because that's how I feel every day when I wake up.

D: It's blue, because I have a really...

A: Daniel's is black people.

D: I have a really big crush on Nina Simone.

N: What's your favorite animal?

D: My favorite animal's a cheetah.

A: I'd say a chimp.

N: OK, so if you could change into any animal, what animal would it be and what special power would it have?

A: It's like a job interview...You have to be an animal?

N: No.

A: What about a wizard?

N: OK.

D: And what would your special power be?

N: What kind of wizard would you be?

A: One that beats up other people...or the colour black.

N: That's not really a power.

D: I'd change into um, um...

N: A flock of seagulls?

D: No, I'd change into a chameleon because I'm really into changing my style and adapting to new things.

N: That reminds me of my good friend, David Bowie.

D: Whatever. I'd change into David Bowie, actually, and my super power would be the power to caress women.

N: What's your favorite Spice Girl? I know it's gonna be Geri.

D: Mine's Sporty.No way man- Sporty. Only when she had the gold tooth. When she got rid of it, I lost faith...Sporty was the best singer.

N: Yeah, but she dressed the least attractively.

A: She wore a tracksuit. That was like so common...

D: Yeah, but she did backflips. Look, you got Baby. They couldn't think of anything about her personality, so they had to make her like, the young one and that's kind of weird. She's a baby. What is that, like a fetish or something? And then Scary- no one liked Scary. I don't know why nobody liked Scary.

A: I liked Scary. She wore an astronaut suit.

D: No-one liked her. Geri was a slut. Even when I didn't know what a slut was, I knew that she was a slut when I was a child. And Posh didn't sing, did she? She just stood there.

N: No, Posh sang.

D: You didn't say your favorite yet.

A: Um...Scary, I guess. Scary or Ginger.

N: Ginger's everyone "alternative's" favorite.

D: What are you saying? I'm square 'cause I like Sporty? Was she a lesbian?

N: I think so. I got the feeling...Who would you rather kiss- the guitarist. or the lead singer?

D: I've kissed both.

A: I don't really get this question.

D: So there's a really cool band playing...

N: But they might not be that good.

D: And then, both of them [the lead singer and guitarist] come up to you.

N: Their looks are equal and their charm is equal.

A: They're twins. They're the same person.

N: But one of them's the singer, one of them's the lead guitarist.

A: Maybe the lead singer, 'cause the guitarist didn't play too well.

N: Why don't you just dress normal?

A: We do.

D: My personal reason for that is because I'm trying to audition for Dandi Wind's new band.

N: Fan...Death?

A: I hate interviews that attack other people.

D: Was that an attack?

N: No, that was a compliment.

D: I'm sorry, Dandi. Andrea dresses weird because she wants to be Randy Jackson.

N: Who is that?

A: Who is that? Oh, I know...American Idol.

N: What does your dad do for work?

D: My dad's a sound engineer.

A: My dad's an electrician.

N: What did you have for lunch?

D: A candy cone.

N: That's all you had?

A: Balkan style yogurt. It's really good.

N: Is that the plain kind?
When did you learn to tie your shoes?

D: In pre-school, I had to practice tying on these knobs...I always thought it was strange, because I didn't know why they didn't just get me practice tying on my own shoe.

N: That is weird.

D: I understand, but I had shoes on. Why didn't I just practice on my shoes?

A: I learned how to tie my shoes on Hastings and Nanaimo.

N: How old were you?

D: It was like, a week ago.

N: 'I wore velcro up until...'

A: Zippers!...But the funny thing is, the same day, I took candy from this guy when I was crossing the street and he had candy in a garbage bag. Then I ate it, and I remember realizing, that's what they meant when they said, "Don't take candy from strangers." After I ingested the candy, I realized.

D: That's really deep.

A: How come stuff doesn't really click? Your parents can tell you something a million times, but once it happens...

N: You know what my dad did? He would find something delicious that he wanted to eat, and he'd be like, "Oh, I gotta test this for poison." He'd eat it and I was like, "Well, what if YOU get poisoned?" But I didn't think of it as a joke really. I was like, "Oh my God, my dad might get poisoned...and if he doesn't get poisoned, he's an asshole because he's eating my candy! What do you think of blond streaks?


N: Blonde streaks, or highlights.

D: I think they look really good on, um...that's my answer.

N: What do you think the point of life is?

A: Watch the movie.

D: Sit back and enjoy the ride, man. I think its to be...

A: Famous.

D: Famous, as famous as you can.

A: And make the most money you can.

D: You know what I think sums it up for me? I think the point of life, for Andrea and I is really summed up in that Moby song thats like "Hey! Woman!"

A: Don't talk for me. I think more so for me, if I had to pick a song, it would be TI, "Live your Life." Just go for the gold.

N: When you smoke a joint and then you look up at your ceiling, what do you see?

D: I don't smoke pot. I wanna make that really clear- that I do not condone the use of drugs.
But, if I do look up at my ceiling...

A: Snickers bars. Doesn't everyone? Junk food.

N: I usually see a velvet poster with a magic mushroom and a wizard on it.

D: I think when I was fifteen, I expected to see something life altering, but then I just realized that I bought ten dollars of weed off of some guy on Granville Street, and it was probably oregano or something.

N: Lame. Go to Main and Hastings! If you had to choose four people with to play spin the bottle with, collectively, who would it be?

D: Can they be celebrities?

N: Yeah, but you and Andrea have to decide together.

D: This is a nail biter.

N: Why don't you just choose two each?

A: White Lung.

D: Yeah, White Lung!

N: What's your favorite chapter from the Bible and why?

A: This is like a test more than...

D: I like Exodus because there's an X Man with the same name.

N: Who is your greatest enemy? Mine's the [Ham]burglar from McDonald's...He stole my hamburger. Burgled my ham.

A: The Flaneurs. Can we start a rivalry right now?

D: Yeah, The Flaneurs- now called Pretty Vanilla.

A: Yeah, hate them.

N: Why? They play too long.

A: Because, they fucked us over. They wouldnt let us use their drums because they thought that we would get drunk and wreck them or something and then when they went up to play, they're like, "Thanks for coming. Yeah, its great having your own gear, unlike Nu Sensae."

D: Yeah, and then they told everyone that they were glam rock.

N: They sound like Green Day.

D: They sound like The Goo Goo Dolls.

A: They just wear make-up.

D: I think they should cover Iris.

A: Theyre total faggots.

N: They wish they were total faggots, but they aren't.

A: They're faggy...faggy, sucky goofs.

N: Oh, you mean rat goofs?

A: Faggy, sucky rat goofs a.k.a. The Flaneurs.

D: I wish them a lot of ill.

N: So do you do when people ask for change?

A: Tell them to get a job, to clean up their act and stop pretending to be homeless.

D: I usually just offer them a record contract.

A: Homeless people dont deserve any sympathy. They chose to be homeless.

N: Have you ever thought you were like a lesbian?

D: Have I ever thought I was a lesbian?

N: Like a lesbian.

D: Does it count if I was a red-head at the time?

N: No.

D: So, then definitely.

A: I am always like a lesbian.

N:When are you going on tour?

D: In August.

N: Where?

A: I hate homeless people. You know how they should keep warm? They should do like that woman did and catch on fire.

D: We're touring south America...we're going down the coast, along the bottom, up through the middle to New York and Boston and then back across.

N: With who?

D: We're not decided yet.

N: Oh.

A: We're going with The Flaneurs, or should I say the rat goof stink bitches?

D: They're Pretty Vanilla, Andrea. Come on.

A: Stink bitches- they should change their name to "Stink Bitches."

N: Daniel, what do you see in your boyfriend?

A: Is this an interview about the band? Do I get to say what I see in...

N: What if groupies want to know?

D: I feel like he's a pillar of strength and I'm just a pillar of salt when I look back.

N: Who's your favorite vocalist?

A: My favorite vocalist is...what's his real name? Paul Beahm or whatever.

D: My favorite vocalist is um, Sean Paul because I love the way he incorporates hip hop with reggae.

N: It was your idea to do this interview and if you can't take my shitty questions, you shouldn't have asked me for an interview.

A: You asked her for an interview?

D: Well, I just asked her why she hasn't interviewed Nu Sensae yet.

N: Which is like asking for a shitty interview.

D: This just got so harsh. My favorite vocalist is...Nina Simone.

N: What's the creepiest come on you've ever had? Don't lie about this one. It would be great if you'd just tell the truth about this one.

D: I went to see Ora [Cogan] play at the Railway Club [Vancouver, B.C.] and this woman came up to me and she pushed me...She said, "You're not planning on staying here, are you?" I thought she was gonna beat me up and I was like, "Um, yeah, I'm just gonna see my friend play or whatever." Then she was like, "Are you gay?" and I was like, "Uh yeah." She was like, "Have you ever been to The Odyssey?" and I said, "No." Then she did this sucking noise with her mouth, and was like, "A pretty boy like you; we could have a lot of fun there."...That was my weirdest come on, and that was how I met Andrea.

A: The guy at the corner store.

N: What's the weirdest thing that's ever happened to you at one of your shows?

D: There's been some weird stuff. This one time, we played this place called the Chair Factory and this guy, this East Indian guy, wearing like a Fubu, velour tracksuit...

A: He was black, Daniel.

D: I've seen the picture on our Myspace. He's East Indian, Andrea!

A: There was two guys. This black guy bothered me in the bathroom. He was like trying to get me to do speed or something.

D: He was so into Nu Sensae and he came and stood right next to the drums the entire time and in between every song, he'd be like, "Man! Man! You are killing it!" and grab me and screaming in my face.

A: He was wearing a doorag, and cornrows. He had a forty in his hand.

D: He kept trying to give us alcohol and he kept grabbing me and shaking me and going, "You are blowing it away man!"...I think he may have been our biggest fan. It was the best response we've ever gotten.

N: What about you, Andrea?

A: A guy suggested that I play with a that I could run around while I played. 'Cause he's like, "I know what's holding you back." You've got that mic and you've got that [patch]cord. Headset, wireless- you're free. Go buck wild.

N: Imagine you running around with a wireless bass!

A: I think I really looked like I wanted to do that. I looked chained down.

N: Were you ever confused about your sexuality?

D: No.

A: You already asked this.

N: No that was, "do you ever feel like a lesbian?".

D: I was never.

A: Yes, he was. He lived in Africa. Lots of animals there.

D: Yeah, I was confused about sex with humans or animals.

N: Would you ever sleep with Jeremiah [Haywood] from Live Girls?

D: Only when he plays the Doom Broom.

N: Do you wear boxers? If so, what colour?

D: I wear briefs- all different colours, but recently I've been wearing straight boy boxers and they feel pretty good.

D: What does Nu Sensae mean?

N: You told me it was a joke about La Senza.

A: We've been asked that a million times.

D: Not in interviews. No one's ever asked us that.

N: Do you think getting a lot of press and being popular in Vancouver is important?

D: No.

A: No. People don't come out to shows in Vancouver based on if you have press.
It doesn't really sway people, I don't think.

D: Imagine I said yes!

N: Would you rather be an alien or unicorn?

D: I'd be an alien, and I'd wear one of those baggy 90's t-shirts with an alien head on it that says 'take me to your dealer.' and he's smoking a blunt.

A: That's for people who get abducted. It's different. It's a whole other question.

N: That's a whole other question, Daniel, get real. Get fuckin' real.

A: I want another beer.

D: Oh my God! What if my mom reads this?

N: She won't. No one does.

D: My mom is a big subscriber to Teenage Forever.

N: My mom reads it. It's so embarrassing.

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