Saturday, January 3, 2009


Artwork by Ilth.

Daily Void is a gloomy punk band that lives a mysterious existence in the city of Chicago, Illinois. The members are all aliens named by one of the many Gods of the Satanic underground: Ilth, Mac Blackout, Om and Ob. I met them through mind travel when singer/guitarist, Ilth said that he was the chosen one...or was it the one chosen do to art for one of my records?

Ilth sent me images of his artwork with his large, throbbing, extra-terrestrial brain and I was absolutely hypnotized. One of the images, which he hadn't intended for me to use was somehow transposed itself onto a Terror Bird 7 inch. The rest is history. I officially met the band on a the Modern Creatures/Mutators tour when they played with us in Chicago.

Their guitars sound like pulsating chain saws, the vocals like a 70's British punk eating raw steak. But it's catchy! It's catchy...and scary. They kind of sound like a band that would appear to a five-year old child in their nightmares, or a music nerd in their dreams!

Their music is cynical, dark, and seemingly full of raw hatred, but when you talk to these guys, they appear to all be teddy bears that want to hug you and drink beer with you. Aside from being nice guys, they are pro-lif-ic. They have a bunch of 7inches out on Don't Hit Records, Boom Chick, HoZac, and Florida's Dying. I believe that pretty much all their releases feature Ilth's artwork, which, as I said before is excellent. They also have an LP out on Dead Beat and an upcoming record out on Sacred Bones. Wow! Currently, they are plotting to get into Austin, Texas music festival, SXSW. I consider them the single most perfect band to hate the world to. "Suprise! Suprise! You've lost your eyes." Love that line.

Nikki Never: What are some of your favorite bands?


-David Bowie: Who would'nt blow this guy?
-Velvet Underground: They cool man; check'em out.
-Throbbing Gristle: Damn crazy noise, experiment, and mental.
-The Damned: Damned cool.
-Timmy Vulgar and projects: Mutant from another mother.
-Roky Erickson: The uncle I never had.
-Love: Don't hate a thing 'bout 'em.
-Old time pre-war country blues.
-Mid-century Nonesuch Records: avant-classical muzack.
-Dead Luke, proto/pre/murder punk

NN: Chicago is one of my favorite American cities. But then again, I love big cities. What are your thoughts on Chicago?

I: Too hot and too cold, [but] perfect in between. Great city.But like every big city, everyone is from somewhere far away.

NN: What was your worst show ever like?

I: There's been a few. Can't remember.

NN: Do you plan to tour?

I: Maybe the [South By SouthWest] if we are on the Sacred Bones showcase, tour around that.

NN: You use your artwork for all the Daily Void records and it's amazing! What are your biggest struggles, both as a musical artist and a visual artist?

I: Inspiration, source material, and time...not having any of these when I want [them.]

NN: What do you write lyrics about?

I: Random words strung together.

NN: [*This comment about lyrics, I cannot believe! Go to and you will find you might agree with me that the lyrics have at least symbolic meaning*] How long has your band been together?

I: 2 or 3 yrs.

NN: How did you all meet? Are you all from Chicago?

I: I met Om and Ob through No Bunny who all grew up with me in or around Chicago. I spotted Mac & friends at a Vee Dee show, they were all corn-fed.

NN: What do you think about Pitchfork? I've heard rumours it's based in Chicago.

I: It is and I am fine with it. It's nearish to my place and I can see it for free 'cause the fence is huge, and it ain't hard to sneak in, apparently.

NN: What's the most grown-up thing about you?

I: My moustache.

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