Thursday, June 3, 2010



I am on day 3 of touring Europe and it is better than I expected. Today, I am leaving Frankfurt which is a city in Germany that is cheap to fly into as well as where I had my first and second European Terror Bird shows. The old buildings and brick alleyways here definitely quench my Canadian thirst for old, ghostly architecture. There are some newer buildings seemingly popping out the top of the nicer, older ones. I just pretend they're not there. They seem to mainly be banks.

Here, I have found a beverage similar to Strongbow called Appler. You can get it sweet (with Sprite) or sour (no idea) but I get it plain. On the subject of beverages, the beer here is 2.5 % and therefore a waste of my time. Gold tequila shots may be served with cinnamon and orange rather than salt and lime. Oh, the cultural differences.

The photographs above are as follows:

1) Toilet paper on which there are printed clouds (look closely). Apparently in France, the t.p. is both scented and dyed colors like pink or a baby's bedroom, if baby stuff wasn't all scent free now

2) George and Sabine: the two awesome and very nice girls I am staying with in Frankfurt. Sabine was the promoter for the first show, plus she set up a last minute second show for me. There is another roommate named Daniel, but he had to work at a printing press.

3) Me, loving the Smiths. Nothing new there.

4) Me, being a cheezy tourist outside the venue. I do not intend to stop this behaviour


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