Sunday, June 6, 2010


So, I am finally feeling a bit fatigued from this tour (or should I say already?). I just have to get past the weird jet lag induced sleeping pattern of sleeping for four hours and then waking up and then going back to sleep again. I probably also spent too much time walking in the sun yesterday.

Yesterday was funny in that I walked around Trier with Sabine for 2 hours trying to find her something healthy to eat. This took forever because she didn't want bread, which is everywhere. In fact, I believe we were on what translated to "Bread Street". It was so hot out, it felt almost like the time when I was watching Kraftwerk at Coachella but I was too sun cooked to stand up for most of the concert.

We went into a few shops, and I found some nice clothes but I can't buy any clothes because there is no room in my suitcase. And I brought my best clothes to Europe, so I can't just throw them out to make room for new ones. However, I will make an exception for shoes!

Yesterday was my first train ride. I took an hour's train from Trier, Germany to Luxembourg (the city and the country). I like the train quite a bit. It was fairly empty, so I got my own sort of booth. The booth has 6 seats with fold down food trays, and sliding doors which look like they are made of plexiglas. The train is not speedy like a metro or skytrain, so it's relaxing and you can actually see the scenery as you pass by it.

The Europeans take a lot of the old buildings for granted, I guess because they're pretty much everywhere, but I'm in heaven looking at the old stone buildings and brick streets. It's a bit like a fairy land and it really makes me want to do a safe environment like the edge of a bridge, you know?

The show last nite was probably the worst yet, although I was just happy to have my own room and free food and drinks. I felt a bit defiant as the 20 plus people in the room either made fun of me or did not watch me. Actually, I think about 3 people actually watched me. Thank god I had a guarantee and also got along with the promoters and bartenders. Even the boys from Cold Wisdom (the Joy Division-esque French band who opened) did not talk to me much. After I played, I went up to my apartment above the venue and watched Australia's Next Top Model and RE:Brand on Youtube. The show on Friday with Xiu Xiu was awesome though. I sold a bunch of 7 inches and cds and met this girl who invited me to her mom's countryside home to play piano. Not the kind of thing I agree to every day, but I am excited. We might make a music video on my camera. The show was really packed and I drank red wine. After, my new friends and I had a dance party to bad music on an i phone. I spat a cork at Mark, so I guess I was nearly birthday party drunk. I also tried to hit a plastic spoon off a girl's nose with a bottle cap but she chickened out.

Oh yeah, the videos I posted are of Adi (from Germany) spoon feeding Mark (also from Germany). They are hilarious and I will miss hanging out with them. That same night, I met a guy Pascal who said "Ich bin Fleetwood Mac". He's read two biographies on Fleetwood Mac and thinks that Rumours is the best album EVER. I told him that Roxy Music's first album actually is and things got intense. Another funny thing he said was "What is that water shit? Have a beer." I love this tour.

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